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Special Education Teacher


Brannoxtown Community National School (CNS)

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Wed Sep 15 2021 14:36:52
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Tue Sep 28 2021
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Mon Nov 1 2021
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Substitute - maternity
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An internal panel of suitable applicants may be set up to fill vacancies which may occur within a specific time period (four months for teacher posts and the duration of the school year for SNA posts) from the date on which the Board approves the successful candidate.
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1. School and Ethos
Brannoxtown Community National School (CNS) is located in the village of Brannockstown, approximately 5km from Kilcullen and 10km from Naas in Co. Kildare. It was divested from Catholic patronage and opened under a new patron, the Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board (KWETB) in September 2018. Our school is one of three CNSs in KWETB and one of almost 30 CNSs, nationwide.

2. Staff and Enrolment
The staff allocation for Brannoxtown CNS is currently: two mainstream class teachers, one full-time SET and one part-time SET. The maternity leave advertised is for the Special Education Teacher (SET) position. The successful candidate will take-on the role of SET from Monday, November 1st for the 24 week maternity leave. It is expected that the he/she will continue to fill the SET position to the remainder of this school year.

The successful candidate should be familiar with a wide range of teaching approaches, methodologies and resources to cater for particular learning styles and to meet a variety of needs. Teaching approaches will include a combination of team-teaching, co- operative teaching, early intervention and small group or individual support. The SET will consult with class teachers to plan their interventions carefully to address pupils’ priority learning needs and to achieve the targets identified in the relevant Continuum of Support Plan. The SET’s short-term planning should reflect the Support Plan targets and should break down the development of skills and content into small incremental steps to address each pupil’s specific needs on a weekly basis. Outcomes for pupils should be routinely assessed, recorded and used to review progress. These outcomes should also be used to inform the targets for the next phase of intervention.

Enrolment for the 2021/2022 school year is 43 children. It is expected that enrolment will continue to increase and a third mainstream class teacher will be appointed in Summer 2022.

3. Vision and Commitment
We invite applications from candidates with SEN teaching experience and expertise who enjoy teaching and who work well in a small team. The school has already established a strong reputation for providing high-quality learning opportunities for all children. To date, Brannoxtown CNS has achieved the Primary Science Award (BTYSTE), the Creative Schools Award and our first Green School Flag. We are an active school, working toward submission of our Active Flag application this school year. The daily Writing Workshop, within a balanced literacy framework, is a school-wide literacy initiative. We actively participate in Maths Week, Engineering Week and a range of STEM initiatives.

Wellbeing is at the heart of all we do. A range of wellbeing initiatives including the Weaving Wellbeing programme are implemented across classes. The school’s Positive Behaviour Policy takes the place of a Code of Behaviour and supports all children to be their very best self. Educational trips and tours are planned for children locally and further afield and the school regularly hosts (parent and community) visitors to share their experience and expertise with children.

4. Development and Communication
Interested applicants should be familiar with the Community National School model: and the development of Brannoxtown Community National School to-date: Learning highlights are posted to the school Facebook and Twitter accounts: @BrannoxtownCNS.

5. Application
i. Applications on the 'Standard Application Form' will not be considered. The Application Form for Brannoxtown CNS is available below, in PDF, and available in MS Word Format at:
ii. Applications are invited on email only to:
iii. The Application closing date is Tuesday, September 28th, 5pm.


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