Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I advertise a vacancy on
Ans: It is very simple. Place your cursor over the ‘Advertise a Post’ tab on the horizontal menu tool bar.  Scroll down and click through to the level (pre-school, primary level, second level, third level, other) at which you wish to advertise your vacancy.  Follow the simple steps to complete the on-line vacancy form.
Alternatively you can view a video tutorial on how to upload your advert to  Click here to view the list of tutorials or go to the ‘About/Help’ tab on the horizontal menu tool bar, scroll to ‘How to video tutorials’, click through and select your tutorial.
Once the vacancy has been uploaded, reviewed and activated by the webmaster, it will be active on the site until the application closing date has been reached.
Q: What vacancies are to be advertised in the ‘International & Other’ section?
Ans: It can be used by any education organisation, college, institution to advertise a job. For example, temporary volunteer teacher posts in overseas charitable organisations, teaching posts in the prison service, education officer posts in VECs or similar organisations, support office posts in IPPN and other education-related associations.
Q: What does it cost to place your vacancy on
Ans:Advertising a vacancy for your school or educational organisation such as an Education Training Board (ETB), college, professional association etc is free of charge. A fee may apply to agencies and other profit-making organisations and individuals to advertise their vacancy on For further information, please email
Q: When will my advert be activated on
Ans: Adverts are activated every 3-4 hours during office hours (9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday).  Adverts uploaded to the website after 5.00pm on Friday or anytime on Saturday and Sunday will be activated the following Monday. For public holidays, adverts will be activated the next working day.
Q: How do I get a copy of the vacancy advert that I uploaded to the site?
Ans: During the fifth step of uploading your advert to, you can save or print your advert for your records, by clicking on the provided link on the webpage.  At this step you will be provided with an Advert ID and Query Code.  These are unique to your vacancy advert and are required by the technical support team to process any query that you may have relating to your advert. 
To view a copy of your advert, go to ‘Advertise a Post’ tab on the horizontal menu tool bar, scroll and click through to ‘view advert status’.  Enter your Advert ID and Query Code number to view a copy of your advert and to save or print it. 
Q: How do I search for vacancies posted on
Ans: To view adverts on go to the ‘Search for Posts’ tab on the horizontal menu tool bar.  Scroll and click through to the relevant category.  Please note that job-seekers will not be able to view the content of the adverts until they have registered with the site. 
There are three options that job-seekers (Primary Level) can use to search for vacancies that match your qualifications:
  1. Manually search through the vacancies.  The search can be refined with the search tools provided in the primary level category
  2. Sign-up to receive email vacancy alerts that match the criteria you specify.  Once you have successfully registered with the site, log-in and select ‘Edit Your Profile’. In the email section, right click on the sign-up link and make your selections within the primary level subscriptions section
  3. Sign-up to receive mobile phone text message notification of substitute primary teacher vacancies.  Job-seekers are required to log-in at least once every 7 days to keep this service active. Once logged in, click on ‘Edit Your Profile’ section.  In the TextaSub section, right click on the sign-up link and make your selections within the primary level subscriptions section.  Please note that you will be unable to avail of this service unless you have a valid Teaching Council Registration Number.  Click here to view contact details for the Teaching Council.

If you are a second level teacher/job-seeker, there are two options available:

  1. Manually search through the vacancies.  The search can be refined with the search tools provided in the second level category
  2. Sign-up to receive email vacancy alerts that match the criteria you specify. You will need to register and log-in to do this. Once you have successfully registered with the site, log-in and select ‘Edit Your Profile’ section. In the email section, right click on the sign-up link and make your selections within the second level subscriptions.
Q: Why am I automatically de-registered after a month of not logging onto the site?
Ans: There are two main reasons. Firstly, it is important that contact details, especially email addresses, are up to date and active. It is all too easy to be blacklisted as a SPAM emailer if emails are sent to full mailboxes and redundant addresses as these ‘bounce-backs’ are heavily monitored by internet and email service providers. Secondly, because it costs money to send text messages and emails and we want to ensure that only active, genuine job-seekers receive such notifications. Note that you receive an email reminding you to log-in to keep active so it doesn't happen without warning. Logging in again will re-activate your account.
Q: What if I've forgotten my password?
Ans: Click on the Forgot Password link.  This is located directly below the log-in registration section. Enter your email address and click submit.  An email will be sent to you that will enable you to reset your password.  Please check your junk/spam folder as this email may sometimes be redirected.
Q: Why are services that are available to primary level job-seekers not available to all levels eg TextaSub?
Ans: was designed and developed initially for the primary sector.  No similar service was available to the other education sectors.  Recognising that a demand existed for advertising education vacancies and a job-seekers facility, the site was further developed to accommodate other sectors.  The site is a free-of-charge service to both schools and job-seekers.  Further development of the site is determined by demand and cost effectiveness.
Q: Why do I have to provide a teacher registration number to avail of the TextaSub service?
Ans:  TextaSub is a free service provided by IPPN, which is the professional body representing Primary School Principals. It is a service provided for the benefit and convenience of our IPPN Principal members, to enable them to access fully qualified substitute teachers quickly and efficiently.
The Minister for Education has asked schools, when employing substitute teachers, to ensure that only qualified teachers are employed. Requiring the Teaching Council Registration Number is a means of ensuring that only fully qualified teachers are available on the website. In the absence of a registration number, IPPN cannot guarantee that substitutes are qualified.

Q: Why can I no longer upload my own CV to the site?
Ans: The site is a free-of-charge advertising service for schools and does not act as a recruitment agency service. In addition, there were data protection issues relating to the provision of personal contact information in CVs. For both of these reasons, it was decided to remove the previously available CV upload facility.
Q What is the purpose of the new My CV facility?
Ans: The new 'My CV' facility within the 'My Profile' section is for use by job-seekers only. The purpose of the facility is to enable job-seekers to create a CV using an easy-to-use template then save it to their profile. You can then download it and either print it or email it to potential employers. Note: Potential employers do NOT have access to any CVs stored on the site. Ans: The new
Q: If I have a query, how do I contact
Ans: is a web based service and all queries are to be submitted by email.  To access the feedback form on, go to the ‘About/Help’ tab on the tool bar, scroll to Feedback and click through.  If you have a query about registration, please select technical problems.  If you have a query about adverts (uploading an advert or one that is already uploaded) please select adverts.  If you would like to avail of commercial advertising, please select ‘Advertising Queries’, which is listed under the ‘About/Help’ tab.
Q: How many teachers are registered with
Ans: Anyone can view high-level information on job vacancies without being registered.  It is very difficult to know how many teachers use the site. Approximately 20,000 users access on a monthly basis. To view vacancy details or to avail of email and text message notifications, job-seekers need to register with the site. On average, there are over 10,000 active registered users at any one time. Once registered, there is automatic ‘de-registration’ after a month of inactivity.  The registered users statistic quoted on the homepage are all active within the last month.
Q: How many jobs are advertised on
Ans: During the busiest period (April to July) there would typically be 400 or more vacant posts advertised. At other times, there would generally be over 80 advertised at any time.
Q: How do I find out what qualifications I need to teach in a primary school in Ireland?
Ans: The Teaching Council is the professional body for teaching in Ireland and regulates standards in the profession at both primary and second level.  The council addresses all queries concerning eligibility and qualifications to teach in Ireland. Key website links can be accessed via the ‘About/Help’ tab on the horizontal menu tool bar.  The website address for the Teaching Council is